shadows-and-nightmares sagte: To the generals: what do you think of the modern world of today?



I think it’s really fascinating! There are all sorts of amazing… technology that we didn’t have back in the old days. Even when we were reawakened under the Dark Kingdom, we didn’t get to enjoy much of it. But now I have my own cell phone, and it’s just such a wonderful contraption.

It definitely takes some getting used to. Most of us still prefer to be able to teleport wherever we want to, but the other day Kunzite took us driving in his new car and I must say… it’s pretty cool. He nearly crashed it, though, in the end…

You could have left that part out…

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thatshowyougetantsarcher sagte: One more question as well: Which do you consider to be the 'central pillar' of the Sailor Moon manga between these two options: The romance between Usagi and Mamoru, or the friendships between Usagi and the inners. I feel that in the anime it's pretty clearly the friendships given Mamoru is used less and less as the series goes on and is nearly written out of the last season, but for the manga specifically which do you think is sort of the 'primary' focus of the story between those two?


I really don’t think that you can separate the friendship and romance aspects, nor is one more important than the other. I’d say that both are given equal attention in the manga. The romance between Usagi and Mamoru is integral to the story, but so is the friendship and camaraderie that’s shared within the Sailor Team.

Sailor Moon is primarily a story about love. It’s not just about one type of love, however; it’s about familial love (Usagi and her family, Chibiusa and Endymion and Serenity, etc), romantic love (Usagi and Mamoru, Haruka and Michiru, etc), platonic love (the Senshi), and agape love (Usagi’s all-consuming love for the universe). You just can’t break them apart or make one more important than the others!

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Oh, COME ON. I keep getting sidetracked by all of these fucking amazing Mako scenes! How am I ever going to finish the episode when it’s packed with Mako being the best?

Okay, so first of all, Mako’s reflexes are KILLER. She was just startled by Usagi sneaking up behind her and commenting on her cute bento, but, when the baseball started rocketing towards them, she had enough time to react and catch it before it nailed Usagi in the face (and can I just say how incredibly painful it is to be hit with a baseball, especially one that’s just been batted? Once I got hit in the leg and the marks from the baseball’s stitches stayed for like two days even when the skin bruised. I can’t imagine being hit in the face with one). 

Then, when the guys apologize and ask for the baseball back, Mako angrily throws it as hard as she can (so hard it sails way past the baseball field) while yelling what seems to be her signature line (given the amount of times she’s already said it), “Be more careful!” She knows that it was an accident so she doesn’t confront them (if they had purposely thrown or hit the ball at Usagi, there would be hell to pay) but she’s still really pissed at their carelessness; they could have seriously injured someone. 

BUT THEN, the real kicker is that she didn’t even know that it was Usagi. Mako didn’t have the time to process Usagi’s face before the ball incident so she’s surprised. That’s right; Mako didn’t protect Usagi because she was Usagi, she protected her because she was a person in trouble. From what we’ve seen, it seems like Mako has an almost instinctual need to protect those in danger. When she saved Usagi from being run over in street or when she caught the ball, they didn’t seem like totally conscious decisions; they seemed like reflexes. Someone’s in trouble, so Mako helps them. It’s that simple.

Of course, Sailor Jupiter is later known as “The Soldier of Courage/Caring/Protection,” and it really shows here. Crystal’s writing is truly excellent so far!

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Rei is seriously my soul sister.


Mars and Jupiter both have some seriously bad ass quotes this episode.

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Now I really look forward to Venus, oh yeah. 

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Act. 5 まこと –Sailor Jupiter–
└ Attacks
フラワー・ハリケーン & ジュピター・サンダーボルト

THIS ATTACK. This attack was soooo awesome LIKE WHAT

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German Ad Doesn’t Need Words To Speak Volumes About Supporting Your Kids

Being a teenager is hard. But the German home improvement chain Hornbach knows having parents who go the extra mile to show their support can make a big difference.

Watch the full commercial that will sum those awkward high school years perfectly here. 

(Source: Hornbach

This is the kind of dad I want to be.


So proud on my country ;W; 

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I love how Nephrite recognizes this is not the first time Jupiter has put him in the dog house. Can’t you just imagine what their lovers quarrels must have looked like?

I am so ready for more shitennou x senshi backstory. (Even if it’s only a little like the series composition writer has stated previously.)

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Sailor Moon Positivity Project



There is so much negativity in this fandom, that a couple of friends had an idea… Sailor Moon is a beautiful anime that promoted good feelings in all of us when we were small, made us believe that the dark wasn’t scary. That we could accomplish anything.


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Anonym sagte: You know, Rei and Minako being shipped together has always bothered me. There's literally no reason they should even be viewed in a romantic light together...



Oh, yeah, totally.


Completely an impossible concept, I mean who could take anything from their very limited contact in all of the franchise?


100% agreed with you, I mean


how could they be anything else?


legit they couldn’t possibly be


more than friends…








…. totally no evidence whatsoever.

my love for Reinako knows no bounds

Actually my favourite Yuri-shipping in Sailor Moon. 

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